Neighbor finds water bubbling up in front of house

A Cedar Street neighbor discovered what appears to be a broken water line by the road in front of their house today.

Ferndale Public Works crews are on-site to determine the source and extent of repairs needed.

This story will be updated with additional information in the event water service in the neighborhood needs to be shut off to make repairs.

UPDATE 8:45am
Crews are still investigating the cause and scope of repairs needed.

UPDATE 9:40am
Public Works reports only one house is without water service.

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  1. Our water had been trickling out the side of the hill since November, (that’s when we began renting). There was a city water person denial that anything was wrong as well as our property management. We even had a frozen pond in front of our garage for well over a month, giving us no outside access to it. Finally our neighbor also noticed water in his meter area and called it in and immediate action was taken! No more swamp!

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